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Колыбельная для взрослых

Mary's Dream

Mary's Dream

The moon had climb'd the highest hill
Which rises o'er the source of Dee,
And from the eastern summit shed
Her silver light on tow'r and tree.

When Mary laid her down to sleep,
Her thoughts on Sandy far at sea;
When soft and low a voice was heard
Say, "Mary, weep no more for me."

She from her pillow gently rais'd
Her head, to ask who there might be;
She saw young Sandy shiv'ring stand,
With visage pale and hollow e'e.

"O Mary dear, cold is my clay,
It lies beneath a stormy sea;
Far, far from thee, I sleep in death;
So, Mary, weep no more for me."

"O maiden dear, thyself prepare,
We soon shall meet upon that shore,
Where love is free from doubt and care,
And thou and I shall part no more."

Loud crow'd the cock, the shadow fled,
No more of Sandy could she see;
But soft the passing spirit said,
"Sweet Mary, weep no more for me."
Tags: колыбельная для взрослых, песенка

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