Йожик (jozhik) wrote,

Колыбельная для взрослых

16 Horsepower - "Flutter"


Word by word she spoke to me
Neath a mess of bygone linen
She listens as to dry a thousand tongues
My love is thin and thinning

Some cherished flower
Flutters through
Gentle born beloved you
Kindness always
Kindness always

I hear the sound
The sound she's left me
I stood her ground no
They've swayed me

Wrapped tight inside your shawl
We wander round this dingy hall
Softly spoken shaken tree
The ash grove we've come to be

The blood run the blood run away
From arm and leg to a warm heart
All our colors agree in the dark

But no man lives upon that land
Far enough for us to see
I hear your voice
In the hum of this machine

I hear the sound
The sound she's left me
I stood her ground
Tags: колыбельная для взрослых, песенка

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